पंचगव्य डॉक्टर्स असो.(प्रादेशिक)

    1. महाराष्ट्र– गव्यसिद्ध डॉ महेश थोरात, संपर्क – 9822332616,
      – गव्यसिद्ध डॉ आमोद केळकर संपर्क – 9011648383.
      – गव्यसिद्ध डॉ. ज्ञानेश्वरी शिंदे. संपर्क – 9823722459.
      ईमेल – amodgkelkar@rediffmail.com
    2. महाराष्ट्र (विदर्भ)– गव्यसिद्ध डॉ हेमंत शेटटे
      संपर्क 75 888 06 314
      ईमेल –
    3. झारखंड– गव्यसिद्ध डॉ गीता सिंह कुशवाहा,
      सम्पर्क – 0903 138 0625,
      ईमेल – mskus29@gmail.com
    4. गुजरात– गव्यसिद्ध चंदूभाई सुरानी
      संपर्क – 98 200 66 040
      ईमेल –
    5. राजस्थान– गव्यसिद्ध भीमराज शर्मा
      संपर्क – 766 55 55 961
      ईमेल –
    6. तेलंगणा– गव्यसिद्ध डॉ राधिका रवूला रेड्डी,
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    7. केरल– गव्यसिद्ध आचार्य विनय कृष्णन,
      संपर्क – 094 95 54 86 73,
      ईमेल –
    8. हरियाणा– गव्यसिद्ध दीपेन नागपाल
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    9. मध्यप्रदेश
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    10. बिहार
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    11. पुदुच्चेरी
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    12. पश्चिम बंगाल
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    13. उत्तर प्रदेश गव्यसिद्ध डॉ. विशाल गुप्ता,
      संपर्क – 09 7600 35 888,
      ईमेल – vishal@gmail.com
    14. तामिळनाडू– गव्यसिद्ध विनोधिनी रवि,
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    15. छत्तीसगड
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    16. कर्नाटक
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    17. उत्तराखंड
      संपर्क –
      ईमेल –
    18. दिल्ली गव्यसिद्ध विरेन्द्र सिंह
      संपर्क – 92 124 35 203
      ईमेल –

53 Responses

  1. Panchgavya se keetnashak kaise banaya jaye?

  2. parnaam guru ji, guru ji kirpaya utrakhand k gavyasidh main hamara naam daal dain. dist almora (utrakhand) main gaushala kholne ja rhe hai hum.dhaniyabaad . Gavyshidher jagdish chandra khulbe batch no 4

  3. parnaam guru ji …guru ji ragistration kis cheej ka gaushala ka ya R M P ka.ager R M P KA TO maine us ragistation k liye 22 9 2015 ko indian bank main fees jama kra de hai. or aap ko mail bhi kr deya hai. dhanyavaad guru ji

  4. hum sbi gavyshidh aap k sath hai guru ji


  6. parnaam guru ji

  7. guruji,, me jaykit patel, from idar taluka ,dist.sabarkantha of gujarat se hu .hmne gau shala shuru ki he aur usme pure gir gau he.parantu hme gau product ka koi knowledge nhi he to hm kese product bana sake aur logo ko usaka upyog krava sake
    contact 09825701947 , jaykitpatel75@gmail.com
    please hme ummid he ..

  8. parnaam guru ji,
    meri wife is pregnant and about to deliever in coming week.
    Please suggest some ayurvedic diet for her for normal delievery and initial measures during labour stage and after that like what foods or juice can be taken and any requirement like honey or something for new born baby.

    I wish to know whether can she take almonds soaked in water, coconut giri or naarial paani , kismish during such time.


  9. Guruji pradeshik panjis mein mere number galat likha hai
    mera number 9979055055 hai aapne 9997055055 likha hai krupya update kijiye


  11. hello sir,
    my self mr.gajanan patil from miraj dist.sangli maharashtra . i am working on organic farming where we promote people to use a desi cow and use cow urine cow dung etc.when i came in contact with my friend i came to know about ur projects which are helpful for whole human being as well as for nature .i want to join with you sir.please send me details of the same.
    with regards,

  12. Parnam Guru Ji
    Mera nam Dr Yash ha, ma bams graduate hu, ma apna Clinic chala raha hu, jaha ma ayurvedic n allopathy dono k dwara chikitsa karta hu,ma apse prashikshan lena chahta hi, kirpa mujhe ye batae k mere liye kaunsa course upyukat rahega,

  13. Meri Lover Back me and Gutno me bahut dard raheta hai,
    and Constipation ki problem bhi bahut jayada rahati hai. koi upachar bataye

  14. Dear Sir,

    My Sister (age 40years) is suffering from breast cancer and Chemotherapy also has been given to her, but there is no betterment. Now we want to know, whether it can be cured by way of Cow therapy in your hospital, if yes please advise us


  15. Namaskar Guruji,

    can you please share me the address of Banglore Panchagavya Chikitsalay. I would like to do MD in Panchagavya Therapy. My native language is Kannada.


  16. guruji main apna question apki fee consultancy main likha hai but vha lgin in k liye bol rha hai. main sign in kaise karu apki site pe option nahi dikh rha hai. please help to share my problem with you
    thank you
    sumit garg

  17. sir
    i am suffering from androgenic alopaceia (male pattern baldness). my hair fall start when i was 17 years old. now my age is 30 years. but i look like 40years. does panchgavya help me restoring my hairs.

  18. I cam across sri rajiv dixit video in which he states that gomutra or medicine based on gomutra should not be taken more than 3 months, after 3 months a gap is to be given,i am asthma patient and i have started gomutra aasav and 20 days have passed…not much change in my condition,pls advise.

  19. namskar guruji

    i am dinesh joshi live in karjat dist-raigad tal-khalapur

    muzae aapki aaushdi kaha milagi in maharashtra or raigad dist mae kaha milagi

    MD in panchgavya ka coarse batch time & duration & total fee kitni hae

  20. i want first mendicine where will be get in my district also plz send me contact detail

  21. Namaste! Bangalore se likh rahi hoon. 6.5 saal ki beti hai. She has mild snoring during sleep since the past two months. Two times it has developed into fever and infection. Ayurvedic dr diagnosed as some flu both times. Her fever and other cold symptoms go away with Ayuredic medicine but the snoring remains. It has reduced but is more like heavy breathing when she sleeps on her back.
    So far, giving her Balpal ras 5 ml x 2 times morning & night. 2 drops of desi ghee in each nostril in the afternoon and night. There is some improvement but not back to normal breathing in sleep yet. Are we giving correct dosage? Is there any other medication to be given?

  22. Namaste ji. Is bar pithaji ke baare me poochna chahthi hoon. Woh 63 saal ke hain. Unko pichle 3 mahine se depression hai. Unko pehle bhi kayi saalon se pehle hua hai is tharah. Is bar poore 12 saal ke baad aaya hai. Unko 30 saal ki umar se high BP bhi hai. Uski davaai lethe hain. Uske alava koi aur complaint nahi.
    Woh ab din me 2 times panchagavya grith le rahe hain. Iske alava koi aur kya chikithsa aap batha sakthe hain.. Woh allopathy ke tablets bhi le rahe hain. lekin koi relief nahi abhi thak.

  23. Sahasra koti padabhivandan.

    Doubt No. 1: A person aged about 82 years complains that, for the past 30 years he is suffering with saliva (lalajal). During day time of course, it is not irritating but during nights the Shirt and bed sheet becoming lot of wet and once awaken not getting sleep again. He says that, he consulted more than 25 Doctors but in vein.

    Doubt No. 2 : Similar problem to an young boy of 14 years, he has not consulted any Doctor, of course he gets sleep after shirt and bed sheet is changed, till they once again get wet.

    Hope, suitably answered, sorry for trouble.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Marij ko Chennai Panchgavya Department Bhejana padega.
      पंचगव्य चिकित्सा विभाग
      सी यु शाह क्लीनिक एवं डेगनोसिस सेण्टर
      सी यू शाह भवन, 78-79 रिथरडन रोड
      तीसरा माला, चेन्नै 600 007.
      संपर्क – 073977 03 723 (समय-प्रातः काल 9.30 से अपरहण 1.30 बजे तक.)
      चिकित्सालय समय – प्रातः काल 9.30 से अपरहण 1.30 बजे तक.

  24. गुरु जी आपने जैसा बताया कि 2 घंटे में आप होम्योपैथी की चिकित्सा गव्य चिकित्सा बता सकते हैं तो उसके लिए कहीं कोई कार्यक्रम के बारे में मुझे जानकारी मिल सकती है क्या मैं नागपुर में रहता हूं किसी का कोई कांटेक्ट नंबर आप दे सकते हैं मुझे जिससे मैं बात कर सकूं जो नागपुर के आसपास रहता हो…..
    लोहा पुरुष भाई राजीव दीक्षित जी को शत-शत नमन…

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